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Tours: Haunted Carlinville Tours approximately 3 hours in length, but NOT non-stop walking. The distance is about eight blocks but we do go inside locations. Public tours take place in the spring, summer & fall!
Time: See Current Schedule Below! Most tours will begin at 7:00 p.m. unless marked otherwise.
Prices: $25 Per Person (Walking Tours)
Departs: Macoupin County Courthouse
200 East Main Street - Just East of the Downtown Square

The Haunted Carlinville Tour from American Hauntings is a historical tour of the hauntings that linger in the small town of Carlinville, Illinois -- home to coal mine history, Sears homes, the "Million Dollar Courthouse," Blackburn College, and a myriad of ghosts -- in the heart of Macoupin County! A spine-tingling and entertaining trip back in time from an award-winning tour company that has been offering history and hauntings tours since 1994!

The town of Carlinville is named for former governor Thomas Carlin and a member of the legislature that created Macoupin County. It played a number of roles in Illinois history, largely thanks to its location on the railroad and the coal industry, but the largest and most important hallmark of the town's history is its famous -- and some say infamous -- courthouse. The courthouse was constructed in 1870 and became known as the "Million Dollar Courthouse." The project was spearheaded by Judge Thaddeus Loomis, a New York man who came west to Illinois, graduated from Illinois College in Jacksonville, and later made a fortune cutting timber for the Chicago & Alton Railroad. He entered politics in 1861 and was elected as a judge. At the time, Macoupin County was in need of a new courthouse and Loomis got behind the project in 1865. He was up for re-election and everyone knew that a vote for Loomis was a vote for the new courthouse. Loomis handily won the election and unveiled his plans for the new building. Architect Elijah Meyers created the plans for the courthouse, as well as a new jail. Construction began in 1867 and lasted through the winter of 1869-1870 with Loomis playing a central role in the project. As construction was winding down, Loomis began building the hotel that he would name for himself on the Carlinville square, a short distance from the courthouse construction site.
Almost immediately, charges of corruption were leveled at Loomis and his associates. The initial bond used to raise money for the building barely covered the cost of the foundation. More money was borrowed, taxes were raised and in the end, the courthouse cost well over $1 million to build -- an astronomical figure at the time. The expense to tax payers had been devastating and became a major scandal. Most of the blame fell on Judge Loomis and George H. Holliday, who was a county clerk at that time. Judge Loomis was officially cleared of all blame but the guilt or innocence of Holliday will never be known. According to local legend, Holliday hopped a Chicago & Alton train one night and was never heard from again. The courthouse expenses, and the disappearance of George Holliday, have never been fully explained. Could this be the reason that the courthouse -- as well as the Loomis House -- are believed to be home to spirits from the past?

Carlinville thrived for many years on the number of railroad lines that ran through the community, offering freight and passenger service to points all over the country. The coal industry played a major part in its development and in 1837, became home to Blackburn College, a four-year liberal arts college that was started by Presbyterian minister Rev. Gideon Blackburn. The college is also home to a number of ghostly tales!

The Loomis House
One of the most unique aspects of Carlinville is the abundance of Sears Catalog Homes in the small community. In 1918, Standard Oil of Indiana constructed an entire neighborhood of Sears homes for their mineworkers at a cost of nearly $1 million.  In gratitude, Sears & Roebuck named one of its house models the "Carlin." Today, 152 of the original 156 homes still exist, the largest single collection of Sears Catalog Homes in the United States.

The unique nature of Carlinville also extends to its ghost stories and haunted locations. Numerous strange tales lurk on the streets, in the buildings, and inside the homes of this small town. 
The Haunted Carlinville Tour Begins in the Fall of 2015 and American Hauntings will be giving you a night you won't soon forget as we explore the haunted history of one of the Illinois Prairie's most unusual and most historic small towns! We'll see you in Carlinville!

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